Honor and Awards

  • 2019

    Noah boat won the "2019 brand influence education group"

    Noah boat won the comprehensive influence benchmark education group in 2019

    Noah's small new star international education institution won the honor of "famous international education brand of the year 2019".

  • 2018

    Noah boat won Tencent's "echo China" 2018 comprehensive strength Education Group

    Noah boat's new star won the honor of "2018 parent satisfaction children education brand"

  • 2017

    Noah boat won Tencent's "echo China" 2017 influence education group

    Noah's new star won the honor of "famous education brand of the year" in 2017

  • 2016

    Noah was awarded Educational Group of Comprehensive Competitiveness 2016

    NewStar was awarded Influential Brand in Foreign Language Educating 2016

  • 2015

    Naoh was awarded Most Influential Educational Group 2015

    NewStar was Awarded  Kids English Brand with Credibility 2015

  • 2013

    September,Noah was elected as one of Top 50 High-tech and High Growth Enterprise by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

  • 2012

    December,Noah was honored Most Influential Educational Group by Tencent

  • 2011

    December,Noah was awarded China Most Competitive Educational Group 2011 in Echoes of China,a nationwide educational prize-awarding ceremony held by Tencent

  • 2010

    January,Noah was honored China Reputed Trademark by SAIC

  • 2009

    December,Awarded China Most Influential Educational Group 2009

  • 2008

    March,Noah was honored Most Popular with Customer Award

    September,Noah was awarded High-tech Enterprise by Technology&Information Bureau of Shenzhen

  • 2006

    March,Noah was approved to undertake a key research project of national education technology in "11th five-year plan" of China Central Audio-visual Education Program of Chinese Ministry of Education