SINCE 2004Noah Education Holdings Ltd

Noah Education Holdings Ltd,established in 2004,is a leading provider of private educational services in China.

We focus on providing premium pre-school education,primary and secondary school education services,and supplementary trainings for kids and teenagers from 2 to 18 years old. Now Noah subsidairy companies include Wentai Education, Yuanbo Education,NewStar International Education, Zhongda Fundamental Education, and Yuandi Pre-school Education.Noah’s business covers high-end pre-school education,fundamental education, kids’  English training and international education exchange servicesw,and its schools and branches spread across South,Central, East,and South-west China,as well as other regions and cities with relatively developed economy and higher levels of educational service consumption.Backed by its premium service quality and new-neighborhood-oriented strategy,Noah and its branches work with leading real estate developers in China and local government authorities,to upgrade local educational offerings and make high-quality education services available and accessible to high-demanding customers.

With its leading educational concepts,professional management and refined services,Noah has gained recognition and trust from Chinese parents as well as the society. Nowadays,the company operates a network of more than 100 self-owned schools and kindergartens,and over 1000 self-operated and franchise kids training centers throughout the country. Its over 5,000 teachers provide 40,000 kids and students  among its self-operated educational institutions with premium educational service.

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National layout: South China, East China, Central China, North China, southwest