Main Businesses

  • Pre-school Ecucation

    Noah Kid, as a sector brand of the group, is committed to pre-school education.

    With sub-brands in this sector such as Zhongda, Qing’an, New Star, Daidaikang,Sichuan Normal University,Peking University,the company has been meeting various needs of parents and regional markets and forging a stronger pre-school educational platform under the umbrella brand Noah Kid.With near 35,000 kids and 3600 teachers and staffs in Shanghai,Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hunan,Hubei,Sichuan and Guangdong provinces,the company operates nearly 100 self-owned kindergartens,some of which are honored provincial and municipal level kindergartens.Teachers and principals of Noah Kid’s kindergartens also received awards in a variety of national competitions.

    Noah Kid, positioning itself in the high-end of the Chinese pre-school market, continues to commit itself to operational excellence and to provide premium service offering by launching campuses mainly in large upscale residential communities and cooperating with distinguished real estate developers and local governments. Noah Kid strives to become the top kids educational brand in China through increasing integration, organic growth and mergers and acquisitions.

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  • Primary and secondary education

    5 self-owned schools with more than 6,800 students.

    The five schools are as follow: Dongguan Zhongda Foreign Language School, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Affliated Foreign Language School, Foshang Nanhai District Zhongshan University Foreign Language School, Huizhou Foreign Language School, and Guangzhou Baiyun District Zhongda Lanshan Foreign Language School.

    We have rich experience in operating primary and secondary schools and international education programs, and have been given preferred partner status in working with key real-estate developers and local government authorities.

    Relying on elite school such as Sun Yat-sen University and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and based upon consolidated professional management and HR training mechanism, Noah is able to offer premium education services.

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  • Supplementary Training and Franchise

    Established in 1992, NewStar International Education is a famous kids and youth training company, whose core businesses are kids and youth English training, learning center franchise, and community one-stop learning and growth services. NewStar is fully experienced in kids language training, after-school training, curriculum research and develipment, instructional research, teachers’ training, and learning gamification.

    NewStar has a complete self-developed curriculum for children from 3 to 18 years old, with its unique learning methods, such as NewStar fairytale-telling and theatrical method, NewStar GPM pedagogy, etc.

    As a leading company to embrace internet age, by developing its own APP and interactive E-bag , NewStar is able to offer online-off-line learning methods to stimulate children’s continuous interests in learning and playing.Today, NewStar International Education has more than 1000 franchisees (with 3000 campuses) in more than 1000 cities all over China . With some 10 thousands teaching staff and annual 1,500,000 trainings sessions to kids, NewStar proudly boasts its label as “China's largest international educational and cultural platform for kids”.

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  • Industrial Alliance

    Noah has devoted itself to pre-school education service industry in West China and has successfully organized of the forth “Pre-school Education Forum in West China” which has grown into the top forum in West China for pre-school education  by scale or impact.

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